Netflix To Invest $2 Billion Into European Content…

Mar 01, 2017 by Shane O'Leary in  Platforms

With the streaming wars hotting up and Amazon et al ramping up their content spend, Netlix CEO Reed Hastings has taken the opportunity of a trip to Berlin to give the European content market a capital injection.

Speaking at the Netflix – See What’s Next event in the German capital on Wednesday, Hastings announced bold plans to up Netflix’ European content quotient, including licensed programming, original content and co-production opportunities.

With European content already surfing a huge wave of momentum from Borgen to Black Mirror to The Young Pope, this announcement offers further enormous opportunities to the continent’s creators. According to Hastings, European content is watched by more than 93 million Netflix subscribers globally, and the overall Netflix subscriber base would soon exceed 100 million.

Of course Netflix has had a strong history in Europe since the beginning. Its first original series was “Lilyhammer,” a co-production with Norwegian public broadcaster NRK1 about a New York gangster exiled to Norway, and according to Hastings the company ‘just getting started’ on this side of the Atlantic.

He also mooted that Netflix was proud to be used as a platform to take European content global, giving the example that of viewers who watched Netflix’s European shows, more than half were outside of Europe, “which is why we are confident our upcoming slate of international shows will be enjoyed by viewers in their home countries and beyond.”

The announcement, while positive in terms of budget, also illustrates the changing face of the industry, and the importance of understanding how to pitch to and engage with these large platforms. According to an interesting Monocle piece about Netflix, there are specific considerations that the commissioning team look for and understanding those nuances are vital.

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Commissioning In The Benjamin Button Economy

Feb 24, 2017

Every now and again a mass behaviour theory comes along that rocks the media, marketing and technology worlds. Think Seth Godin’s ‘Purple Cow’, Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’, Chris Anderson’s ‘The Long Tail’ and many more over the years.

Inside Facebook & Snapchat’s Battle To Become ‘the New Tv’…

Feb 07, 2017

“The more they can make themselves like TV, it will certainly better position them for those ad dollars.” Kieley Taylor, GroupM

“I expect the Facebook feed to be pretty much all video within five years.” Nichola Mendelsohn, Facebook VP EMEA

“We wanted to figure out how to capture the entertainment and creativity of television advertisement, but to make our ads better than TV” Snapchat IPO Filing

The End Of Barriers And The Changing Face Of Media…

Mar 20, 2017

It used to be so simple. There were a small number of channels in every country that got huge viewer numbers, a select number of shows that were on every week at the same time that everyone watched and talked about at the water cooler.

Your options as a creator/producer were inherently limited. To make it, you either needed to be part of these or sell to them.

But oh how times change.

And the big overarching trend in modern media is horizontality.

The silos and barriers that once existed are dissolving and breaking down. Industries are meshing into each other, and in the chaos, new models are being created.

Facebook runs mid video advertising, has  TV app and is on the hunt for original programming.

Google/YouTube offers an OTT TV app and uses video stars to create original programming too.

Netflix and Amazon are spending over $10 billion dollars on award winning content this year.

Snapchat is trying to attack TV ad spend and is partnering with Vice and other media companies to create original series.

Twitter is entering into live streaming sports deals.

Vodafone, Eir and BT have their own quad play packages.

Verizon have their own OTT TV channel.

The list goes on and on.

There are no rules any more.

All this means is that what we need to change our definition of what we traditionally know as ‘channels’. There are no boundaries, the reality of the modern world is one of converged digital devices and blurred lines.

And this mega trend of horizontality also represents an enormous opportunity. There’s never been more demand for content and everyone from Facebook to Amazon, Netflix to Snapchat wants to produce and support interesting, original programming.

All it requires is a mindset shift.