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The Future Of Television And Digital Storytelling

This panel looks at where TV is headed.

With declining ratings on linear TV,  the rise of cord cutters and increasing mobile/social video viewing – is TV dead or just old TV behaviour ?

We look at the follow questions :

  • What is the current relationship between traditional channels and online viewing?
  • Are Influencers/Creators important in creation of new TV 
  • How does funding compare old channels vs. new? is it changing?
  • Are brands playing a bigger role in content ?
  • Mobile and Social – how do these affect what we create ?
  • Immersive Content – AR/VR – what is the medium term affect of these ? Will the take off?


Alexandra Ryan, CEO, GOSS MEDIA

Dave Lingwood, CEO, THEOS

Curtis White, Head of Studios, PIXHUG

Matt Scott, CEO, Navada UK


November 9 @ 13:50


– 14:25


Pan Pacific Hotel

Distribution in the age of streaming panel