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Dermot Horan

Director of Production and Acquisitions, RTÉ

Director of Production and Acquisitions, RTÉ

Dermot sits on the RTÉ Executive Board representing Television and chairs the TV board of the Television Division.

In his acquisitions role he has secured for RTÉ Desperate Housewives, The Big Bang Theory, Homeland, CSI, and The Sopranos among others, most of which have played ahead of all other Irish and UK channels. The department is also responsible for the acquiring of Irish feature films, and international co-productions, and pre-buys including the likes of The Fall, My Mother and Other Strangers, Red Water and Dara and Ed’s Big Adventure.

He co-ordinates RTÉ’s partnerships with outside bodies and represents the Television Division in its dealings with the BAI (Broadcast Authority of Ireland), SPI (Screen Producers Ireland) and The Irish Film Board.  He is also a member of TBIG, the Television Broadcasters in Ireland Group, members of which include all the Irish Television broadcasters in Ireland, north and south.  He is former chairman and currently a member of TIF Broadcasting and Content Distribution Industry of IBEC, the Irish employers’ federation. He is a board member of the St. Patrick’s Festival.