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kay Meseberg

arte 360

Head of VR

ARTE are one of Europe’s most innovative broadcasters with a long track record of producing interactive content and games. The French broadcaster creates amazing VR experiences that can be accessed through their online player, 360 app, social media offerings or on standard headsets.

Kay Meseberg has been at ARTE since 2013, when he developed the ARTE Future platform. As head of the broadcaster’s 360/VR offering, Kay has been a key innovator in the world of VR, contributing to the hugely successful and award winning Polar Sea 360 project and The Edge of Space – a 12 minute 360 exploration of low-Earth orbit.

Meseberg has won numerous distinctions for his work in innovative programming – including three Grimme Online Awards, Deutscher Reporterpreis, Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis and the LEAD Award.