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Levina Negi

VP, Global Acquisitions and Development, FremantleMedia

VP, Global Acquisitions and Development, FremantleMedia

Levina Negi, Vice President, Global Acquisitions and Development, FremantleMedia

Levina Negi is Vice President, Global Acquisitions and Development for Global Entertainment

Development at FremantleMedia, one of the world's largest and most successful producers of

outstanding entertainment brands, encompassing hit formats from Idols, The X Factor, to Got Talent,

The Price Is Right, Let’s Make a Deal and Family Feud.

A big part of Levina’s role is to focus on securing single, multi-territory or global entertainment

format acquisitions from third party producers and format creators in order to further enhance the

company’s creative pipeline. Levina also effectively identifies key trends, delivers valuable market

intelligence to FremantleMedia’s global network of producers across 31 offices in order to seek out

new programme opportunities and cultivate ideas with the internal development teams. She also

works closely with the in-house Digital and Branded Entertainment team to seek out formats that

could affiliate with, or develop into original content, for brands and pinpoint format ideas that could

lead to digital commissions for online platforms.

Levina’s career at FremantleMedia started when she joined the company as an Assistant in Global

Entertainment moving on to Development Coordinator, Acquisitions Exec, Senior Manager and most

recently promoted to Vice President. Levina has worked across a variety of formats and is credited

with discovering and acquiring the global rights to the hugely successful My Mom Cooks Better than

Yours, which was the world’s number 1 selling format of 2015, and since its acquisition in 2014 it has

gone on to be a hit in 25 territories.

Prior to her position at FremantleMedia, Levina held roles at an independent production company,

New Moon and the BBC.