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Matt Scott, Navada Group Uk


Matthew Scott


Digital Media Entrepreneur, Board Director, Non-Exec, Investor, Keynote Speaker and Mentor.

With over 18 years Senior Management/Board level experience in DIGITAL MEDIA, Matthew has a unique technical and creative balance in his skill sets that drive bottom line results, connecting strategy, creative content formats and technical platforms DIRECTLY to diverse media audiences.

He has worked in the UK, Ireland, The Nordics, Central Europe, North America and China and has extensive experience with the biggest and best national and international Broadcasters, Brands and Film Studios around Digital engagement strategies and world-first new digital content formats.

He is an experienced international keynote speaker on the topic of DIGITAL STORYTELLING AND The Future of TV & Film, is an author and evangelist for Digital Media Formats, Digital Storytelling and Creative Tech including Web TV, VR, AR, Mobile Media Apps & Media tools.




World firsts in Live Streaming, Hyperlocal media models, Mobile TV, Geo-Locational Content
Is at the forefront of a Broadcast Digital revolution having delivered applications, projects and mentoring to major media networks and production houses. in UK, USA and Scandinavia.
Has developed new film & TV formats showcased in UK, USA and Asia using social media channels, live stream, interactive and immersive experiences.
Is leading the charge to change Broadcast & Film industries from ‘linear to 360’ approaches in a digital world.