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michael Idov



Idov is an award-winning American journalist and columnist for The New York Times, GQ and The Guardian; Latvian-born he made his debut as a Russian-language screenwriter with the political thriller Soulless 2 — which became Russia’s top-grossing domestic release of 2015, making over $8,000,000 at the box office.

Idov’s American television work to date includes writing dialogue for the popular Netflix series House of Cards. His English-language novel, Ground Up, has been optioned by HBO for adaptation into a television series while Idov’s production company, Tunnel 57, oversees script development for drama.

On the small screen, Idov developed and wrote the adventure drama Londongrad — the first TV series created for the Russian viewer to be set and filmed in the West. Londongrad debuted in September 2015 to a 20.5 audience share, and, in another first for a Russian series, attracted mass attention in the West, with extensive coverage on the BBC, in the Guardian and in the Times.

His next series, The Optimists, a Cold War drama focusing on the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the year 1960, is currently in filming for Russia’s Channel Two.